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Counselling & Mental Health Professionals 

Australian Mental Health Professionals DirectoryCounselling & mental health professionals help those who have a difficulty coping socially, mentally or emotionally. Mental health professionals might also be called psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors, advisers, consultants, doctors, life coaches, managers, therapists, social workers, nurse practitioners, mental health care navigators, psychotherapists, spiritual counsellors, case managers, advocates, administrators or physicians.

Mental health counselling might be necessary for the following: attention deficit disorder (ADD), anxiety, autism, behavioral problems, bulimia, depression, developmentally disadvantaged issues, drug or alcohol addiction, eating disorders, emotional distress, fibromyalgia, grief, hyperactivity, learning disabilities, life stress, mental disorders, social coping, relationship problems and retardation.

Humans have a natural behavioral development process. If your child struggles to keep up with others in terms of developing motor or sensory skills, then perhaps he has a mental disorder. Being slow might not be a sign of ignorance, but could reflect a mental problem. Teenagers might struggle with peer pressure. Adults might fail to be productive or have healthy social relationships.

Family counseling could help you, if your marriage is strained. Girls might struggle during puberty to deal with Australian concepts of beauty. Bulimia, anorexia and other eating disorders might require some solid nutritional counselling. Also, drug addiction can be alleviated when the individual joins an organization of counsellors who can help protect people from themselves.

There are many degrees to mental illness severity and mental health counselling results depend thereon. Sometimes, talking is just enough for lonely people. Some people just need emotional support from life coaches. There is group therapy, biofeedback, meditation, expressive therapies, medication and treatment. Some mental health professionals might refer to mental hygiene versus neuropsychiatric disorders. Those who have on-going mental problems might need social workers to assist with case management, administration, care coordination and monitoring. For those who have serious psychiatric problems, there are highly structured inpatient psychiatric units.

Usually, professionals in this field will have Bachelors, Masters or Doctors in Communication, Science and Psychology.

If you or a family member is struggling to cope mentally, socially or emotionally, then finding the right counselling & mental health services in Australia might be a necessity. Your LocalBook has a plethora of businesses specializing in mental health. Find the best organization in your Australian Local Business Directory.

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