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Dermatologists & Australian Dermatology Clinics

Australian Dermatology ClinicsDermatologists are specialists who treat various skin conditions. Dermatologists might also be called skin doctors, cosmetic dermatologists, specialist dermatologists, dermatologic surgeons, nutritionists or skin specialists. Skin disorders might include any of the following: acne, acrodermatitis, bed sores, blisters, canker sores, carbuncles, cellulitis, cold sores, cutaneous candidiasis, cutis laxa, cysts, decubitus ulcers, dermatomyositis, diaper rashes, dyshidrotic eczema, erysipelas, fungal nail infections, hemangioma, herpes stomatitis, hives, hypohidrosis, ichthyosis vulgaris, impetigo, ingrown nails, keloids, lichen planus, lupus, measles, molluscum contagiosum, necrotizing fasciitis, pilonidal sinus, psoriasis, rosacea, sebaceous cysts, seborrheic eczema, seborrheic keratosis, skin cancer, vitiligo or warts.

Do you have a red spot on your skin? Are there tiny bumps on the back of your neck? Would you like to reverse the process of ageing with anti-wrinkle treatments? Any of these skin concerns can be treated by a professional dermatologist. You never really know if a skin condition is serious or not - it might be just a temporary insect bite. If it remains for too long, you might want to see a professional. The professional skin doctor can check your skin and take samples of the damaged skin area. The skin samples can be sent to the laboratory to see if they are benign or malignant. Something as simple as a mole might be cancerous. Some skin surgeons will advise you to remove these when you are young.

Many dermatology clinics will also offer cosmetic advice, treatments and services. If you want to look younger, you might discuss retinoid or peptide creams to increase the collage levels of your skin with a qualified dermatologist. Most of these beauty experts will have an opinion on Botox also. Dermatologists might have some expertise in nutrition, they can discuss the best skin-healthy diets. Hair removal services are also common at dermatology clinics. Dermatology treatments might include laser, phototherapy or surgery for more serious skin conditions.

These skin professionals might have a Bachelor of Biology, Medical Science, Nutrition or Surgery. Dermatologists might be members of the Australasian College of Dermatologists (ACD), Melanoma Expert Group, Australian Private Hospitals Association (APHA), Pacific Dermatology Association or International Society of Dermatology. Skin doctors might also have a National Safety & Quality Healthcare Service Standards Accreditation.

When you notice a red spot, bump or patch on your skin, which does not go away, you might want to have it checked. Get professional answers from a local Australian dermatologist. You can find plenty of dermatologists in your Australian Business Directory: LocalBook.

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