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Australian Marketing Professionals DirectoryMarketing is the promotion of your product, service, organization or event. The primary job categories might include advertisers, consultants, public relations, journalists, graphic designers, copywriters, celebrities, photographers, data entry technicians and database analysts. You can use print, billboard, online, radio, television or satellite marketing. Marketing consultants can help you conduct focus groups, create brand logos and establish loyalty programs.

For some businesses, marketing is the missing piece of the puzzle. They might have great products or services, but the public at large does not know about them. You might be very good in a specialized field, like welding; but you might need help explaining your skills to potential customers. "Why should they hire you?" A marketing professional can help you reach your target audience.

More advanced marketing concepts include search engine marketing (SEM) and customer relationship management (CRM) software. "How do people make money with websites?" Google AdWords SEM pays you money "per click" when you promote other people's products or services. The top brands also use celebrity endorsements. Many people trust famous people. Social Media marketing (i.e. Facebook) is also becoming very popular. The boutique marketing firms offer customised services and can help you expand your brand to new markets, such as China. Marketing and advertising (M&A) professionals can use CRM for upselling opportunities.

You might have changed your menu, location or product mix. A solid marketing campaign can tell people about the change and increase brand recognition. Brand recognition differentiates the top companies from the rest; you simply see their logo and can name their product. An expert graphic design team can help you create brochures, which advertising distributors will hand out. Clubs will also hire musical promoters to tell the public about bands.

Startups might use local marketers to answer a few very important questions: "What is the local competition?" "What is the market?" "How much should I charge for my products or services?" Armed with this information, they can determine if their product is viable and explain this in their business plan. Then, they can apply for bank loans. Marketing professionals might have degrees in Communications, Media Studies, Public Relations, Journalism or Psychology. They might be members of the Public Relations Institute of Australia or National Institute of Dramatic Arts.

Marketing helps you promote your brand. The LocalBook has the marketing professionals, who can increase brand recognition. Find all you need in your Local Australian Business Directory: LocalBook.

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