Does Your Business Have A Mobile Marketing Strategy?

by LocalBook Australia on 30-01-2017 in Digital Marketing

Localised Mobile Advertising in Australia

Digital Marketing Trends Go Mobile

Mobile marketing covers two categories. The first is a relatively new category which relates to marketing on a mobile device, such as marketing via cell phones and text messages. The second refers to marketing via moving fashions such as moving billboards or road shows. In any case, mobile marketing refers to using a mobile medium in order to market communication or distribute promotional materials or messages. Mobile marketing covers interactive media provided to customers in a time sensitive and location sensitive manner, including the delivery of personalised promotional information pertaining to services and ideas. 


Why Do I Need To Advertise On Mobiles?

The reasons why mobile marketing is needed in today’s world are endless. For starters, many people have become hooked, more or less, on the use of cell phones to find any pertinent information. When people are lost, they find directions via their cell phones and internet access. When people need to include reminders for events they place them in their phones so that they receive the alarm no matter where they are. People have begun to use their cell phones religiously as a means of checking email continually throughout the day, sending and receiving messages, and telling others about information. If they need a local business, users can search on Google for locations nearby which match the keywords. Mobile users can find promotional website content listed near the search engine results on their mobile phones and use it to instantly link to a website or reviews for a company. The use of mobile marketing is continuing to expand and any small business which does not use it as part of their marketing plan will be left out in the cold. 


No matter what type of small business you have, you should utilise mobile marketing as a means of spreading information to the masses. The information can be time sensitive, or location sensitive thanks to new GPS features in phones and localised content. You can also send quick personalised information. People are continually searching for only the smallest of information. Reader’s Digest versions of everything have become the norm. Sending long advertisements is a waste of time and money since users will often be in too much of a hurry to read them. However, with the limited text message characters, small businesses are forced to cut down their advertisements to only the bare minimum details which grab the reader’s attention. As such, any small business can get the attention of customers and potential customers in an instant with mobile marketing. 


Just Another Marketing Dimension

There are many benefits associated with mobile marketing. You can integrate all of the other pertinent features of your online marketing planStart an online Drop Shipping Business into short text messages or short phrases placed strategically on billboard signs for those on the go. In doing do you can draw more attention to an event, promotion, new product release, or new store hours. You can reach the masses in a matter of seconds and ensure that they receive the message even if they are not near their computer or near your company. 


Mobile marketing helps small businesses to better communicate with their customers and engage them through an interactive medium of communication which is popularized by today’s society. Using a mobile device means you can provide customers and potential customers with updated information and promotional materials instantly. You can better ensure that customers will receive the information via a mobile device than you can with email or other types of internet marketing. Many people will not leave their phones far from their person at any time, which ensures that your marketing reaches when exactly when you want it to. For short sales or promotional events, you can send reminders via text message to all of those customers who are on your roster or mailing list. You can provide customers who give their phone number and want to receive text updates with unique coupons or promotional discounts which are only applicable via text message. 


Text messages can offer customers a short and interactive message related to your company. Mobile marketing has quickly become a form of legitimate advertising through which small companies can reach local customers and customers around the world. As a new channel through which to reach customers, small businesses can use mobile marketing to provide customers with quick updates in the same fashion as Twitter. Text messages on things such as smart phones can also receive multimedia messages which mean small businesses can send images, audio, and short video with their text. A growing trend toward integrating games and social networking games through mobile marketing for small business means that your company can send casual games to customers who, upon finishing or winning, can receive promotional coupons or discounts. 


Small businesses must be adhere to the guidelines and standards set in place pertaining to mobile web marketing. Mobile content providers such as Yahoo and Google have been selling advertising placement which means that when customers search online through their mobile devices they can see immediate links and content pertaining to your business. Small businesses can use mobile marketing for more than just reaching customers with promotional information. Small businesses can utilise mobile marketing to send reminders about seminars, meetings, and important events to those employees or customers which are not generally at their computers. 

The Effectiveness of Localtion Targeting is Extremely High

Proximity marketing means broadcasting information to mobile users who are within certain geographic areas. This means that you can send information about promotional events to people who are all within a specific area near your company. You can send information to customers based upon their current location thanks to new GPS chips built into phones. Not only does this mean that you reach your intended customer base, but you reach anyone who is with your intended customer base and soon enough generate more business and more repeat clients who provide their cell phone numbers for mobile marketing purposes. The responses this marketing feature can generate are well worth the minimal financial investment, making it an ideal venue from which to market or promote services or products offered by small businesses on a tight budget. 

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