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Australian Chiropodist Service ProvidersDoctors, who specialize in diagnosing and treating lower body ailments - Achilles heel, ankles, knees, toes, feet and legs - are called chiropodists. Australia has basically broken the field down into two major categories: general chiropodist or chiropodist surgeon.

You might hear chiropodists referred to as hand and foot doctors, podiatrists, podiatric nurses, podiatric assistants, foot nurses, podiatry support workers, podiatry technicians, podiatry hygienists, podiatric surgical nurses, foot hygienists, podiatric medical assistants, doctors of podiatric medicine (DPM), podiatric surgeons, podologists, podologos, sports podiatrists, general podiatric physicians, podiatric medical physicians, podiatric orthopedic specialists, sports medicine specialists, podiatric sports physicians, podiatric oncologists, podiatric vascular specialists, dermatological podiatrists, diagnostic podoradiologists, gerentological podiatrists, chiropractors or reconstructive surgeons. There are many sub categories for chiropodists, including sports podiatry, diabetic limb salvage, wound care, podopaediatrics (children) and forensic podiatry. Chiropodists treat ACL injuries, aching feet, arch support issues, athletes' feet, calluses, chronic knee pain, corns, diabetic foot care, foot fungus, heel pain, ingrown toe nails, sprains, sports injuries, stress fractures and tendinitis.

The first Australian professional chiropodists were organized in 1924. Have you had problems walking? Do you have a flat foot? Are you on your feet for your job all day long? These medical professionals can assist you with joint, bone and ligament problems in your lower body region. Tools used might include 3D laser foot scans, X-rays, CT, MRI and pressure plate assessments.

If you need to have better shoes, then you can purchase specially designed insoles to place in your shoes. Orthotics are special shoes contoured exactly to your foot's shape for proper arch support. Footwear might be developed especially for professional athletes or for regular individuals.

Chiropodists are likely to study anaesthesia, anatomy, biochemistry, diabetes, human gait analysis, microbiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, physiology, psychology, rheumatology, sociology, sports medicine, vascular medicine and wound care. They might receive a degree in Podiatry, Podiatric Medicine, Podiatric Practice, Clinical Podiatry or Health Science. Australia considers a chiropodist to be in the allied health science field with licensing rules established by the Podiatry Board of Australia. Chiropodists might be members of one of the following associations: Sports Medicine Australia (SMA), Australian College of Podiatric Surgeons (ACPS), Australian Podiatry Association (APA), Australian Podiatry Council (APC), Australasian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine (AAPSM) or Australasian Podiatric Rheumatology Specialist Interest Group (APRSIG). These professionals might receive an Allied Health Assistance Certificate IV.

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