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LocalBook's Professional Services section lists a wide range of local business subcategories ranging from accountants and lawyers right down to celebrity managers, web designers and real estate property managers.

Whether you’re in need of a service professional for the odd job around your home, or maybe need a service performed to help you in your business. LocalBook Australia lists a wide range of carefully categorised professional solutions providers in your local area who are ready to work with you. Explore our local search directory to find the services you need today.



Accountants can help you with your business books, budget and financial paperwork. Certified Practicing Accountants (CPA) have been trained in the best standard operating procedures for balancing credits and debits. Accountants are necessary for all businesses and LocalBook has the top ones listed. Review your Australian Business Directory - LocalBook - and find an accountant that can help you manage your finances.


Advertising is the best way for you to get your brand noticed. It can be one thing to create wonderful products or services, but what good is it if, nobody knows about them? Advertising and marketing include telling consumers about your products, how they work, how much they cost and where to get them. Find an Advertising professional at LocalBook Australia.

Associations & Unions

You can probably find Australian associations & unions for nearly any activity - leisure or professional - you can imagine. These allow you to share your love of this activity with other like-minded individuals. There are special events where you can share the latest developments. Perhaps, there is an Austin Healey classics car association nearby.

Building Designers

Building designers can help with new construction or renovations. You might have outlived your residential living space or commercial warehouse. If you need building design assistance, get the help you need at your favorite Australia Business Directory. LocalBook Australia.

Business Broker

A business broker can help those who are buying or selling a business. You might have grown your business to a certain level and need some help, going forward. You might want to fill in your product line, advance into a hot new market or expand overseas. Business advisers can also help you buy out a competitor - thereafter, you could focus on marketing the most profitable product lines and cease the unprofitable ones. Find Business Brokering Service Providers at LocalBook Australia.

Business Consultancy

Business consultancy allows you to hire experts on a variety of topics, to help you develop a coherent business strategy. So, when you need practical answers, business solutions and business consultancy, find it by browsing LocalBook – Australia’s Local Business Directory.

Business Opportunities

Business opportunities can include starting or buying a business. Or, you could run a franchise. What are the advantages of each option? Browse through the many business opportunities available at LocalBook Australia.

Business Services

Business services can entail anything that will improve the bottom line – finance, bookkeeping, accounting, tax preparation, debt collection, coaching and estate planning. Business owners cannot do everything themselves and will trust other business professionals to complete these important tasks. Usually, as your business grows, you will hire more people or outsource some of these business services.

Celebrity Management & Casting

Celebrity management & casting can help you advance your career. Celebrity career managers can look for good scripts, solid jobs and other ways for starlets to get noticed. These celebrity management & casting services might include theatrical groups, acting schools, talent services, modeling agencies and film studios.

Computer Services & Repair

Computer services & repair can fix your hard drive, monitor, keyboard, printer, camera, microphone or mouse. All computers have a limited life span. When your computer stops functioning, you don't know if it is related to the software or hardware. Computer services could include computer sales, print solutions, virus removals and backup. Find the computer techs who can fix the computers of individuals or businesses.

Detective & Investigator Services

Detective & investigator services can help you discover the truth, when the police are too busy. People might hire detectives to spy on family members, search for missing persons, solve a crime or investigate something. A private investigator is responsive to your needs and can perform crime solving functions also. You can hire a Private Eye to take pictures, so you can get the most accurate idea of what is happening. After a mishap, you might want to hire experts in accident investigations, insurance fraud, undercover operations or liability loss adjustment. There are also people who are experts at process serving.

Employment Agencies

Do you need a job? Employment agencies can help you find a job. You might have just graduated from college and need some help getting in contact with a company that is hiring. Instead of sending out numerous resumes to firms that don't respond, employment agencies can save you time. They usually have well-developed relationships with employers. Employment agencies include human services, recruiting agencies, staffing organisation services, personnel consultants and temp services. Do you need workers Employment agencies can help you find workers.


Engineering can include a wide range of fields, including chemical, civil, commercial, diagnostic, forensic, geotechnical, hydraulic, industrial, mechanical, residential, structural and pavement. Generally, engineering is about the physics involved in building structures. Find a local Engineering business near you.

Environmental Consultancy

Environmental consultants can help you improve your eco-friendly appliances, buildings and developments. Biodiversity can be useful for residential, commercial and government facilities. There are many energy-efficient home appliances, which could help you reduce your carbon footprint. By discussing your needs with environmental consultants, you can ensure you get the most efficient facilities. You can lower your electric bill, while protecting Mother Earth.


Fashion is the expertise in determining which clothing, jewellery, hairstyles, and accessories look the best together. Fashion designers, cosmetologists, makeup artists, hairstylists, beauticians, jewelers, home interior designers and handbag makers are all included under this category. Fashion can apply to men or women. It can include large stores, popular brands or local boutiques.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is important for marketing, advertising, computer games, movies, entertainment, posters and websites. Individuals, businesses and governments might all need to find talented graphical designers to promote an activity, product or event. Graphic designers are also called draftsmen, artists, painters, color specialists, cartoonists, writers, web designers, web developers, branding experts, logo designers, printers, multimedia, illustrators and craftsmen. They are experts at making photographs, picture, images and graphics.

Import & Export Agents

Import & export agents can help you move merchandise across national boundaries. These import & export agents will understand customs duties, taxation, foreign languages, international law, warehousing, transport and customs declaration rules. Similar professions include shipping experts, customs declaration services, quarantine clearance services, customs duty valuations, fully accredited Australian quarantine & inspection services, transport services, Visa specialists, shipping services, labeling, packaging and hazardous materials handling services. Export and import agents might have representatives in different nations.

Interpreting & Translating

Interpreting & translating can help you understand health, legal, business or technical manuals, which are only available in a foreign language. The world is becoming smaller and people are learning the secrets of different cultures. If you want to learn what a foreign website is saying, then you might want to hire interpreting & translating services to help you out. Interpreting services could include transcripts, telephone conversations, speeches, delegations, on-call or on-site work. Besides full languages, there are also tribal dialects, which may vary slightly.

IT Services

IT services cover a wide range of technology, including smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, servers, websites, email systems and so forth. All computers are included in the concept of information because they are used to analyze, store, distribute and manage data. You might also see electricians, communications contractors, managed IT services, cloud infrastructure managers, workflow solutions techs, quality hardware techs, network developers, software procurement, computer equipment installers and computer engineers. When you can't figure out why your Internet connection is so slow, call IT services.


Lawyers can help you file important legal documents, convey property, argue your case in a court room, represent you before a judge or negotiate on your behalf. There are also different specialities for lawyers, including business law, corporate law, family law, property settlement, workplace law, real estate, wills, probate, inheritance, conveyancing, litigation, medical malpractice and negligence. Attorneys can help you win compensation for pain & suffering, lost wages and hospital bills after you have been injured. During property conveyance, there is a lot of paperwork. You could hire a legal assistant to search the land titles, prepare documents and verify signatures. Solicitors can assist with plea bargain negotiations and insurance companies.

Legal Services

Legal services can help you protect your rights. Legal experts can help in court or during property conveyance. There are many fields of law, including business, criminal, estate, family, migration, property, traffic and wills. Legal services can include accredited specialist lawyers, advocates, judges, attorneys, paralegals, practicing solicitors, barristers, conveyancers, notaries public, typists, mediators, real estate document preparation services and so forth. Perhaps, you are a lawyer and you need some help typing an affidavit or reviewing case law - you can find legal service assistants that can complete these tasks.

Local Search Directory

What is going on in your town? A local search directory can provide you with the answers. A local search directory could list clothing, jewelry, household appliances, restaurants, movie theatres, glass replacement services, cleaners, laundromats, grocery stores, you name it. You also might be able to search by category (for example, male only, senior citizens or smoking allowed). You might be able to find stores, auditoriums, government resources, events and even something as simple as bathrooms, using your local directory.


Marketing is the promotion of your product, service, organization or event. The primary job categories might include advertisers, consultants, public relations, journalists, graphic designers, copywriters, celebrities, photographers, data entry technicians and database analysts. You can use print, billboard, online, radio, television or satellite marketing. Marketing consultants can help you conduct focus groups, create brand logos and establish loyalty programs.

Office Cleaning

Office cleaning can ensure that your rooms, buildings, warehouses, stores or facilities are hygienic and smelling good. The term, office cleaning, might include commercial cleaning, business cleaning, building service contractors or retail cleaners. Some of the most common functions include window washing, trash disposal, stain removal, dusting, sweeping, mopping, mold remediation and vacuuming. Most of the time you will hire after hours cleaners for daily, weekly, semi-weekly or monthly time frames. You should find a firm with the expertise to clean your flooring type: wood, concrete, metal, linoleum or marble.


Printers allow you to communicate to the world using the written word in documents, brochures and photographs. Printers are useful for business cards, posters, brochures, pamphlets and books. Printing services, advertisers, marketers, artists, graphical designers, authors, advertising distributors and photographers are all part of this field. You can choose from glossy, colour or black-and-white printouts. There are also different qualities for media: from paper to card stock. There is offset, in-press, screen and digital printing.

Professional Services

Professional Services

Property Management

Property management can help you complete necessary tasks at your apartment, condominium or rental townhouse. Property management services could include applications, background checks, cleaning, maintenance, legal, accounting, auctioneers, sales, licensed real estate agents, property management specialists, groundskeepers or laundry companies. You might have the money to purchase the facility as an investment, but you might not have the skills, time or patience to complete these functions yourself. Simply outsource the tasks to property management professionals who might manage your building offsite or onsite.

Public Relations

Public relations (PR) is about maintaining, protecting, redeeming and improving the good reputation of a brand, individual, group or business. This can be difficult in the modern era when one false rumour on Facebook could reach millions of people in seconds. "Did someone make a false statement about you?" "How can you protect your all-important reputation?" Public relations experts can write positive stories about you and distribute them to their media friends. Media relations specialists, public relations specialists, writers, editors, communications planners, spokesmen, Social Media consultants, lawyers and journalists might be listed under the PR category.

Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents are responsible for buying and selling property. They understand the Australian real estate market and can help you with showing, marketing and property conveyance. Real estate agents can include realtors, salesmen, conveyancers, sales & marketing teams, property management teams, inspectors, auctioneers and property advisers. Instead of trying to find a shop, store or warehouse yourself, you can simply hire realtors to do it for you.


Science is the testable knowledge of how the physical universe works. The primary sub fields of natural science include biology, chemistry and physics. Scientists, professors, teachers, tutors, lab students and environmentalists might be listed under science. There are many disciplines, which use science regularly, including engineering, mathematics and mechanics. Science might be divided into theoretical or applied. Young children might need tuition in science and mathematics to improve their grades or study for an important test. Businesses might need to conduct scientific experiments to develop new products. An assembly line will need to follow the established scientific laws for the manufacture of goods. Drug testing is another function of scientists.

Security Services

Security services entail the physical protection of humans and property. Security services might include security officers, police men, law enforcement, emergency personnel, first responders, medical assistance, safety personnel, private investigators and event specialists. These security services might also include the installation of cameras, motion detectors, alarms and electrical systems.


Surveyors take measurements of distances, angles, land elevations and topography to provide an understanding of how points are situated with respect to one another. This can help with creating topographical maps. Land surveyors might also be called real estate technicians, scientists, explorers, cadastral services, mapping professionals, cartographers or town planners. Surveying equipment includes protractors, total stations, GPS, GIS, infrared reflectors, radios, tablets, drones and surveying software. Generally, surveyors will be hired before a building development is started. This surveying creates the legal boundaries for land ownership.

Web Design

Web design is about the graphical user interface (GUI) of text, images and functions on your website. Individuals, organizations, businesses and governments can contact web developers to create a look that best represents their brand. Workers under the web design category could include web designers, web developers, Information Technology (IT) technicians, software developers, computer programmers, help desk support, online graphics designers, graphical artists, application developers, technical writers and Geek Squad.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting Providers in Australia - Web hosting firms on LocalBook can help you operate your website online. You can find a wide range of Web services on your LocalBook Australia Local Business Directory.

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Kalgoorlie, WA 6430

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Rockingham, WA 6171

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Perth, WA 6000

Entrypoint Perth is a free assessment and referral service assisting people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in Western Australia to access...


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West Perth, WA 6005

AnglicareWA is a not for profit community service organisation. We support people, families and their communities to cope with the challenges of life...

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Armadale, WA 6112

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21/17 Ogilvie Road
Mount Pleasant, WA 6153

Psychological, Psychotherapeutic and Counselling Services in the Mount Pleasant, Applecross, Melville and South Perth areas

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Canning Vale
Perth, WA 6155

NECALL Voice and Data is a Telephone Company that is based in Perth Western Australia.

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Ground Floor
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